Nylon BCF yarn, nylon yarn prices BCF, nylon BCF yarn manufacturer specification
Nylon BCF yarn
  • Nylon BCF yarn, nylon yarn prices BCF, nylon BCF yarn manufacturer specification

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  • Nylon BCF yarn:

    Nylon BCF yarn: Also known as: texturized filament (English Bulk Continuous Filament), nylon BCF yarn with good elasticity, toughness, wear resistance, lint-free, can not ball, durable, easy to clean and so on, with nylon tufted nylon BCF carpet yarn made of abrasion-resistant tread, resilience, resistance, dust resistance, stain resistance superior to all other carpet.

    Therefore, the nylon BCF yarn from the 1950s into the tufted carpet industry has developed rapidly, especially in recent years, nylon BCF yarn has become a more important pile fibers in fiber tufted carpet, the international community has nylon cluster usage in Southeast Asia and the Far East; velvet carpet as the main species in the United States, 40% nylon fibers for the production of carpets; European carpet production 80% to 90% nylon carpet; Japan in recent years, rising nylon carpet fiber also sharply increased.

    Changzhou LingDa Special Fiber Co., Ltd. / Changzhou LingDa Chemicals Co., Ltd. Main Products: PP BCF yarn, polypropylene bulked yarn, polyester BCF yarn, polyester texturized yarn, nylon BCF yarn, nylon texturized yarn, SORONA, Sorona, carpet adhesive , polypropylene oil, perfluoro telomer intermediate.

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