[Mingyuan Cup·International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition Master Work]
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“Being able to be selected as a master workshop of Mingyuan Cup·International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition, becoming a member of 40 members is very lucky. In a short time, I can learn with so many professional teachers and design directors. I feel a lot of benefits." Sun Hao from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts is hard to hide his inner excitement.

Recently, the winners of the first 2019 Mingyuan Cup·International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition were officially announced. The organizing committee selected the layers from 1650 manuscripts and finally selected the winners. In order to better cultivate applied talents and enhance the competitiveness of home textile creative design, the organizing committee recruited 40 students from the winners to form the Mingyuan Cup·International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition Master Workshop, which was launched for a period of 7 Days of training practice, with participants to experience the strong cultural atmosphere of Yantai; visit Yantai Mingyuan Household Textile Co., Ltd. to understand the creative design and production process of home textile products; and carry out brilliant creative design activities.

More importantly, during this week, Mingyuan Home Textiles Company also invited Zhu Youle, Director of Dyeing and Weaving Design Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Wang Jiaoqing, Director of Product Design Department of Xi'an Polytechnic University, and School of Art and Design, Wuhan Textile University. Gao Bo, Director of the Department of Arts and Crafts, and Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Simona, Director of Interior Textile Design at Mingyuan Home Textiles, gave professional training to the participants and shared with the participants. Work experience.

Professional teacher guides students to practice

All designs are designed to better serve people's lives and satisfy people's yearning for a better life. Therefore, how to cultivate applied talents is also a major problem that has been continuously explored in the deep integration of production, study and research in recent years. The significance of the founding of the Master Workshop is also here. In the 7-day period, Mingyuan Home Textiles Co., Ltd. made every effort to carry out all-round planning for the students. From the perspectives of professional guidance and market practice experience in all aspects of the college, we will guide students' creative design works one by one, and hope to let the students We are more aware of the market, close to the market, and measure our work from the perspective of a mature designer, so as to focus more on the creative design level in future learning. Such an event was established immediately, and the participants said that the trip was very fruitful and the design level was greatly improved after being guided by professional instructors.

It is reported that the works designed by the participants will select one grand prize, three gold medals, four silver and bronze prizes, and 28 merit awards through online selection and on-site selection. The winning works will be participated in The exhibitions held in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Frankfurt, Germany, were invited to participate in the 2019 World Industrial Design Conference and International Design Industry Expo held in Yantai in October this year.

Mingyuan Cup·International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition is supported by China Industrial Design Association. Yantai Municipal People's Government, China Textile and Apparel Education Association, China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce jointly sponsored, Shandong Province Private Enterprise High-Quality Development Yantai Service Team 2, Wuhan Textile University, Shandong Arts and Crafts College, Fushan District People's Government of Yantai City, Yantai Mingyuan Household Textile Co., Ltd. jointly organized, Wuhan Textile University Art and Design College, China Household Textile Association Bedding Professional Committee, China Household Textile Industry Association Designers Branch, Shandong Textile and Garment Industry Association and Henan Textile Industry Association.

The competition is based on the principle of “professionalism, innovation and internationalization”. With the aim of serving home textile enterprises, the competition aims to improve the design level of China's home textiles and is committed to opening an international collaborative development design research model. The competition is scheduled to be held once a year, becoming the window for the promotion of home textile brand culture, the platform for designing and exchange of home products, and becoming the most authoritative, professional and influential home textile product design event in China, the most influential professional authoritative design. Exchange event.

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