[What is the beginning of the peak season of the textile industry chain?]
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I hoped that I would like to come to the "traditional textile season" in September, but this September can not be plated with a layer of sparkling gold, yet to be verified. At least from the production and sales of polyester filaments in the first three days of September, the traditional Jinjiu can not be felt.

September 1 coincides with Sunday, and the average production and sales in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are only about 40% on the weekend of August 31. On September 2, the average production and sales of polyester filament in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is only 40%; September 3, Jiangsu and Zhejiang The average production and sales of polyester filaments rebounded to 120% to 130% by 3 pm.

The production and sales of polyester filaments in the first three days of September appeared to be tepid, but the textile owners in the upstream and downstream of the textile industry chain felt very different. In the recent small fiber meat visits to Shengze, Changshu, Changxing, Keqiao and other industrial gathering places, I heard different voices. Some people called this year too hard, one day lost, and the textile boss said Libby paper thin, do One day a day; but at the same time, small fiber meat also saw some weaving companies in the expansion of the factory, a boss said that this year's business can still be ...

"Golden nine people are in the same phase", follow the small fiber meat to see how the Jinjiu of the upstream and downstream of the textile industry chain is doing?

Bomb boss: I am too difficult!

During the visit and investigation, we found that the bombing may be regarded as the “worst” part of the textile industry chain. Zhou Zong, a certain bombing company in Taicang, said: “At present, the workers’ wages, electricity bills and some miscellaneous flowers in the factory are removed. Selling, basically not making money, sometimes even losing money."

From the above chart, the price trend of POY and DTY conventional specifications can also be seen. At present, the gap between the processing of the elastic wire is not large, and the production cost of the enterprise is counted. The profit margin of the bombing enterprise is extremely limited. Even during the process of our visit, there are some The bombing business owner said that he is currently at a loss.

Last week, the average operating rate of bombing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang fell to 76%, which was 7 percentage points lower than the previous period and was at a lower level. At the time of the arrival of Jinjiu, the operating rate did not rise and fall, and the boss was very tired.

Weaving: Some people eat meat and drink, some people eat soil to drink northwest wind

The overall situation of the weaving end is slightly better than that of the bombing company, but the polarization is obvious. According to the owner of the weaving enterprise in Shengze District, since the end of August, the orders of the weaving enterprises have started to pick up, but the profits are very meager, and they are currently in a state of “price-for-value”. Many weaving companies are focused on reducing inventory pressure, and “price wars” often occur on the weaving end.

In addition, unlike the tragic trend of the northwesterly winds, the weaving companies are very polarized. Some weaving companies have a steady stream of orders, while some weaving companies have difficulty ordering. In general, the weaving companies that have made big roads this year have been “tight”, and some weaving companies that have different ways to make differentiated and functional products are still booming.

Polyester factory: the profit of the bar, the production and sales of the table!

Since the middle of July, PTA profits have gradually shifted to the polyester segment, and the PTA processing margin has slipped from the highest processing difference of up to 2,200 yuan to about 800 yuan.

At present, the profit margin of the polyester plant is considerable, but due to the market conditions, the enthusiasm for downstream weaving and bombing is not high, and the production and sales of polyester filaments have been at a low level. The polyester factory giants are also looking forward to a wave of market, welcome the golden nine, the profits have been leveraged, and the production and sales burst!

PTA: The skinny dead camel is bigger than the horse

Although PTA's profits have shifted a lot to the downstream, from the perspective of the textile industry chain, PTA is still the most profitable link. PTA has always been a pioneer in “price hikes” and has therefore carried many nicknames. However, it is already in September. The entire industry chain needs a dose of stimulant. Will PTA lead again?

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