[Tangshan, Hebei: Cotton is growing well, the price is expected to be 2.8-2.9 yua]
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According to the news from Tangshan Monitoring Station of the National Cotton Market Monitoring System, on August 16, Hebei Tangshan Monitoring Station conducted an investigation on cotton growth in Tangshan. The survey results show that the growth of cotton this year is better than last year.

According to analysis, the growth of cotton this year is better than last year due to the following reasons. First, the weather conditions this year are generally conducive to the growth of cotton, and the early rains were low. However, because cotton is a drought-tolerant crop, the impact is relatively small, and the rain has increased in the last two weeks. , Effectively alleviate the problem of early drought, and promote the growth of cotton. Second, the incidence of pests and diseases is lower than the same period in previous years. At present, the main pests and diseases in cotton fields are verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt. The main pests are cotton bollworm and aphids, all of which occur slightly. The pesticide spraying operation of cotton farmers is basically over, and some farmers will carry out the last pesticide spraying operation on the cotton field. Judging from the current growth situation, this year's cotton yield per mu will be better than last year, with an average yield of about 250 kg of seed cotton per mu. Up to now, cotton plants average 11-12 moss/plant, 14-18 bolls, and 7-10 flower buds/plant. It is estimated that this year's open-scale price is 2.8-2.9 yuan/kg of seed cotton, which is estimated to be no higher than last year's open-scale price. The weather in the later period is critical to cotton yield and quality, and we will focus on it.

   As of now, most of the local cotton enterprises have basically finished their overhauls. Since the beginning of this month, they have been overhauled gradually, mainly to sort out the acquisition sites and overhaul the ginning equipment. Last week, the price of lint in Tangshan City rose steadily. White cotton level 3 was 12,200-12,400 yuan/ton, up about 100 yuan/ton from last week. The main reason was the gradual decline in lint inventory stabilized the lint price.

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