[Do you really know the use of carpet glue?]
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There is a material on the market, also called floor glue. To be precise, it should be called wood floor glue. It is an adhesive specially used when paving wooden floors. Its function is to firmly fix the floor on the cement base layer to make the floor To increase the elasticity of the foot, the more important thing is that it can also play a silent, waterproof, moisture-proof, and insect-proof effect. This kind of adhesive has long existed in foreign countries. In recent years, it has been popular in China. So far, the quality of this kind of glue on the market is uneven. Some glues do not even consider the characteristics of the floor itself, so they have become The so-called floor glue, worthy of the name, brings all kinds of unnecessary troubles to customers in the later stage. This kind of adhesive has an obvious disadvantage, that is, the cost is relatively high, so it is generally used for more high-end floor paving, such as parquet floor, bamboo floor, geothermal floor, etc., of course, the general floor can be used on the side Angle is used to replace the damage to the ground caused by wooden nails or wooden wedges.

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