[2021 spring and summer Chinese fabric fashion trends released in Guangzhou]
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A few days ago, the "2020 Guangzhou Fashion Forum" was held in Guangzhou International Textile City, Haizhu District, and the "Spring/Summer 2021 China Textile Fabric Trends-Technology & Functional Products" was released in a dynamic and static manner.

   Nowadays, the scale of my country's consumer market is steadily expanding, and the consumption structure continues to upgrade. Fashion, quality, high-end, energy-saving, and intelligent products are well received by the market, and quality consumption and green consumption are increasingly popular. In response, Zheng Kai, chairman of the International Innovation Valley Textile Industry Federation of Zhongda University and chairman of Guangzhou International Textile City Co., Ltd., said that technological innovation is the first driving force leading the future development of the textile industry, especially in the post-epidemic era. The integration of functions and fashion trends is particularly important for winning the market. "Under the background of this year's epidemic, more merchants in the business district have devoted themselves to the research and development of functional fabrics, launching fashionable fabrics with antibacterial and antiviral functions." Zheng Kai introduced, "China's popular fabrics will be shortlisted for review in the spring and summer of 2021. In China, the Zhongda business district has 31 products selected."

At this event, the China Textile Information Center and the National Textile Product Development Center released the "Spring/Summer 2021 China Textile Fabric Trends-Technology & Functional Products" through dynamic catwalks and static displays, interpreting the seasonal concept of "rebirth" Under the four trend themes of "The Force Field, Le Walker, Time and Space, and Trendy Play", they show the future development trend of product color and fabric development based on changes in lifestyle and consumer market.

Chen Jia, project director of the Science and Technology Information Department of China Textile Information Center, introduced the technology and functional products developed under the guidance of China's textile fabric fashion trends in the spring and summer of 2021, as well as the latest technological progress, including the ability to achieve lightweight texture, surface gloss, and coolness. Textile technology and new products with styles and functions such as comfortable, one-way humidity, antibacterial and antiviral, and comfortable warmth.

It is also understood that the live dynamic show and static release area are based on the concept of the trend theme of this season, and systematically present the latest technology and functional fabrics, as well as "the outstanding achievements in the cultivation and promotion of the top ten textile innovation products of the year." Selected products. Outstanding enterprises from Zhongyuan Textile, Jinfeng Textile, Transit Group, etc., as well as functional fabrics and ready-made garments of outstanding merchants in Guangzhou International Textile City were also displayed.

   In addition, this forum also held the "2019 Civilized and Integrity Commitment Operators" awarding ceremony. 90 business operators received honorary awards, setting an example for the business district to create a civilized and honest operation order.

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