[Polypropylene BCF filament process flow]
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Polypropylene BCF filament, commonly known as polypropylene bulked yarn, polypropylene carpet yarn, BCF is the English abbreviation for bulked continuous filament, and does not only refer to bulked continuous filament produced by a one-step process. Polypropylene BCF filaments can be made through several different processes.

The first type: one-step method: continuous spinning, stretching, deformation, winding process

The second method: two-step method: spinning and drawing combined → doubling yarn deformation or spinning winding → doubling yarn stretching deformation

The third type:  Three-step method: spinning doffing→combination drawing→deformation

The process requirements for one-step continuous production of polypropylene BCF filaments: using three screws of the same specification at the same time can extrude melts of different colors corresponding to the three requirements, and then pass through the distribution pipe to the spinneret, so that each filament consists of three types Different colors of silk are assembled, and finally polypropylene BCF filaments are made through continuous stretching and deformation.

The production process of the two-step or three-step method is basically similar, that is, one winding bobbin is set with one color, and then the three-color bobbins are combined and stretched into polypropylene BCF filament.

Although there are three processes in foreign countries, the two-step process is more frequently used.

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