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"Recent orders have increased, raw materials have increased, dyeing costs have increased. Please confirm the price after consultation." "Important notice: All prices are adjusted, subject to the latest quotation! Please communicate and confirm when placing orders." Recently, the textile industry circle of friends can be described as "Surprises" continue, with frequent occurrences of "raw material price increases", "grey cloth out of stock", "printing and dyeing out of stock" and other news, which is quite in line with the peak season atmosphere of "Golden Nine Silver Ten".

The textile market has a particularly strong signal of recovery

Raw material:

During the National Day Golden Week, the price of polyester filaments in polyester factories generally rose by 100-300 yuan/ton. On October 10th, polyester filament yarns continued to rise, and the polyester filaments of various factories rose at 50-100 yuan/ton...

In addition to polyester filament, the prices of raw materials such as polyester staple fiber, cotton yarn, viscose, spandex, and nylon have also risen to varying degrees, and the increase is almost not small.

Printing and dyeing:

Recently, many dyeing factories have issued notices of price increases at the same time. First, all previous price concessions have been cancelled, and then dyeing fees have been increased according to different types of fabrics. Disposable products are the most common polyester taffeta, nylon spinning, pongee, etc. on the market with an increase of 0.1 yuan/meter, and two-time products are some artificial silk, four-sided elastic, etc., with an increase of 0.2 yuan/meter.

Of course, dyeing factories increase the dyeing fee according to the different dyeing tanks. The air flow tank, steaming tank, and overflow tank are increased by 0.05 yuan/meter, and the flat tank is increased by 0.02 yuan/meter. Of course, regardless of the type of fabric or the type of tank, this dyeing fee has truly ushered in an increase. It can even be said that this increase is the first time that most dyeing factories have raised their prices this year.


At present, "Double Eleven" clothing has already entered the production stage, so the recent textile market has begun to become more busy.

Through the visit, the editor understands that the textile market in the early period of the National Day has accelerated, and the autumn and winter home textile fabrics have a good momentum. During the National Day, the weaving market not only increased prices frequently, but also staged conventional products led by polyester taffeta and pongee. The drama of "the money is out of stock". "Recently, the market is unbelievable. The price of grey fabrics has indeed risen. Our factory has basically no inventory for a few days. The single row of polyester taffeta will be at the end of next month." said a weaving company. It is understood that conventional fabrics, including polyester taffeta and pongee, have increased compared with the previous period.

According to industry sources, the downstream texturing and weaving are currently shut down during the National Day holiday. Afterwards, they resume work and start again. The probability of knitting and ordering is good. Knitted velvet fabrics: velvet, short plush, flannel , Velvet, etc. became the main upper-class varieties in the fourth quarter. As the temperature drops, the demand for woven fabrics such as cold-proof leisure tops and home textile fabrics has increased significantly, and some @silk scarf fabrics have entered normal production.

Is the textile market getting ahead? Is it better temporarily?

"A few days after the National Day, the order quantity in the factory can be said to be very hot. The quantity of grey fabrics in the warehouse is 700-800,000 meters every day. Now all the machinery and equipment in the factory are in full production. This situation rushed to the beginning of this year. It appeared at the time, and did not appear again until October. But now it is not enough to start full production according to the daily inventory volume, and it is estimated that it is not far from the warehouse explosion." The person in charge of the first dye factory said.

For the improvement of the textile market as a whole, many people also raised doubts. Some insiders have analyzed that most of the current market orders are market orders. The characteristics of market goods are that they come and go quickly, and the duration is not long. Not all manufacturers can receive hundreds of thousands of meters, The large order of one million meters, coupled with the impact of the epidemic this year, is not a small number of clothing companies that have closed down or shut down, and many brand clothing companies are reducing their autumn and winter orders this year. "How long the current market can last, everyone has no idea, but the order comes. We will definitely seize this time and try to get more inventory to make up for the absence of orders in the first half of the year." A manufacturer is responsible. People said. According to the market in previous years, September and October is the most prosperous period in the second half of the year. Orders will gradually decrease after Double Eleven, but orders for next year will be placed next. Because of the Spring Festival holiday, customers will place orders in advance to lay out the market next year. I believe that the next market will steadily improve, but it will not remain as hot as it is now.

Now that the market is turning better, textile people should not take it lightly. The entire textile market is still facing the problem of overcapacity, and it is still necessary to control inventory and production!

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