[What are the characteristics of water-repellent and stain-resistant polypropylen]
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Polypropylene BCF silk is a new type of differentiated fiber, suitable for the development of thick and thick decorative fabrics. The polypropylene BCF silk sofa fabric produced by our factory, using 800-2000D, woven fabric, has a rich and thick hand feeling and a rough appearance. After the product is put on the market, it has been in short supply. First, the process design of polypropylene BCF silk products has good fluffiness and is suitable for various masked decorative fabrics such as sofas, Simmons bedspreads, and car seat cushions.

How does polypropylene BCF yarn realize the new function of water repellency and pollution resistance?

The characteristic of the water-repellent and anti-fouling polypropylene BCF yarn is that the nano-level anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static masterbatch is uniformly added to the polypropylene chip at an addition amount of 2% to 3%, and the screw is melted and sprayed. After cooling, spray the mixed solution of silicone oil preparation and spinning oil on the surface of the nascent fiber, the spray amount is 0.6-1.1% of the weight of the nascent fiber, and then pre-network under the air pressure of 0.2-0.4 bar, and then draw and BCF Puffing, cooling and shaping, output, entangled network and winding to prepare polypropylene BCF yarn.

According to the above-mentioned production method of water-repellent and anti-fouling polypropylene BCF yarn, the key is that the mass ratio of the nano-level anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static masterbatch and polypropylene chip is 0.02-0.03:1.

For other relevant values, please refer to professional research and analysis.

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