[Successfully held the Xixian Textile Industry Promotion Conference in Shanghai]
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On the morning of October 10, Baoding County was successfully held in the Shanghai Knitting Expo at the Shanghai Knitting Expo. Jixian Textile Industry Promotion Conference. Comrade Zhang Yanpo, Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Comrade Li Zhe, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, delivered a speech; Comrade Lin Yunfeng, the president of the Chinese Knit Association, made an important speech in the Xixian textile industry; the head of the county party committee and the Director of the Development Zone Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Knitting Industry Association, Baoding Honglian and Shanghai Xinwei costumes, Baoding Lu Wang and Shanghai Zhu Li Industrial signed a cooperation agreement; Introduction will finally, by the Industry and Information Bureau Director He Shuguang promoted the Qixian textile industry.

Lin Yunfeng, president of China Knitting Industry Association, Vice President and Secretary General of China Knitting Industry Association, Zhang Xi, Vice President of China Knitting Industry Association, etc. Industry promotion.

Promote Lin Yunfeng president pointed out that the first time, the Xixian textile industry will board the world's largest textile and apparel trade platform, indicating that the government is full of confidence in the development of the Xixian textile industry, will continue to be a textile industry And the development of the company provides policy support. I hope that under the correct leadership of the county party committee county government, the Xixian Textile Industry will further clarify the development direction, innovation and development model, and create a "Ki County Knit" regional brand.

During the Expo, Jixian Dexao and Shanghai Yongshang (Taiwan) Industrial Co., Ltd., Older.Tex (Russia), ARADISE.TEX (South Korea), MAX Mara (Italy), Zhejiang Yata Clothing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Love Xuan Clothing Co., Ltd., Tongxiang Yandian Clothing Co., Ltd., Dalian Jinmao Textile Co., Ltd., Cong Ying (Shanghai) Clothing Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yutong Fashion Group Co., Ltd., Haishu House (Jiangyin) Group Co., Ltd. and other companies Signed a procurement agreement.

Wang Tiankai, the former president of China Textile Industry, Summer Minister, Vice President of China Textile Industry, Yang Yunchao, the former vice president of China Textile Industry Association, President Lin Yunfeng, etc. Lin Yunfeng, etc.

Comrade Li Zhe, director of the Expo Gap County Committee, and Director of the Development Zone, Li Zhe, brought the team to Shanghai Kang Sieni, Shanghai Star Power Science Space, Zhejiang Huayi Technology Development Co., Ltd. three enterprises in the field inspection and negotiation. Comrade Li Zhe introduced several companies, and the investment promotion preferential policies were introduced to the enterprise, and invited companies to visit the county to visit and invest in the industry.

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