[The polypropylene BCF is superior, wide range of application!]
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The polypropylene BCF is made of polypropylene as a raw material, which is polymerized, and the melt spinning is formed. It is a relatively light in fiber. The sales volume in recent years have increased, which requires manufacturers to complete customer demand production on time, so that the entire market can maintain the supply of polypropylene. Because the polypropylene yarn itself has strong chemical resistance, except for strong concentrated nitric acid. Secondly due to the unique core suction effect of polypropylene, the principle is to quickly transfer sweat from the skin surface to the fabric, and evaporate, thereby maintaining the comfort of the bran's dry and clothing. This performance is also called one-way moisture.

The advantage of polypropylene BCF is a fresh color, not easy to fade, antistatic effect, suitable for the production of woven carpet, and the surface is like a wool carpet. Woven carpet, high grade, good softness, comfortable hand, no leg color, easy to clean.

The carpet made of polypropylene BCF is extremely strong, anti-static, its hand feels like wool, and the elasticity is also excellent, not easy to start.

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