[Learn about the production process of polypropylene BCF wire!]
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Learn about the production process of polypropylene BCF yarn!

Production of polypropylene BCF yarn one-step method: continuous spinning, drawing, deformation, winding process of the production route can be divided into the following three types:

The production of polypropylene BCF yarn two-step method: spinning drawing combined with a parallel wire deformation or spinning winding combined with wire stretching deformation

The production of polypropylene BCF yarn is a three-step method: spinning down the cylinder, drawing the yarn and deformation

The one-step process is similar to the one-step process. Spinning is the same as regular spinning. A winding bobbin of one color is then combined with three bobbins of different colors, or stretched to form a BCF. However, the one-step continuous high-yield BCF is different, this process requires three screws to extrude the melt of three required colors, and then distributed to the spinneret through the distribution tube, so that each filament has three strands of different colors, and then the continuous stretching deformation of one-step BCF spinning.

Polypropylene BCF yarn is also called polypropylene bulking yarn, rich variety, good swelling effect, uniform network, complete color variety, can be customized according to customer requirements. The polypropylene BCF silk produced by the company can be used for weaving carpets and car MATS, and can be widely used in various decorative fabrics, weaving, fabric, doors and Windows, etc.

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