[Cotton textile enterprise revenue and profit recovery accelerated]
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The price of gauze is stable and weak, and the enterprise is still in a state of loss

In September, the domestic cotton spot price fell sharply after the maintenance of volatility, the market purchase and sales light. Cotton yarn and cotton cloth prices to maintain a stable and weak trend, the middle of the purchase and sales began to weaken, among which, the low count of some varieties of pure cotton grey cloth performance is OK, the price is stable; The purchase and sale of conventional varieties are dull, the demand for high-count and high-density varieties is weak, and the price is negotiated according to the quantity. Represented by the price difference between Pucomb 32 pure cotton yarn and 3128B standard grade cotton, the price difference of yarn in September is still maintained at about 6000 yuan/ton, according to the immediate profit, the enterprise continues to be in a state of loss.

The decline in major economic indicators continued to narrow

The decline in the main economic indicators of the cotton textile industry continued to narrow, and the efficiency of enterprises gradually improved. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, from January to September, the operating income of cotton spinning enterprises above designated size fell by 7.29% year-on-year, the decline narrowed by 0.56 percentage points from January to August, the total profit fell by 14.08% year-on-year, the decline narrowed by 14.27 percentage points from January to August, the loss of 27.88%, narrowed by 0.11 percentage points from January to August; The operating income of cotton weaving enterprises fell 6.41% year-on-year, down 0.94 percentage points from January to August, the total profit fell 14.64% year-on-year, down 4.66 percentage points from January to August, the loss of 23.04%, down 0.65 percentage points from January to August. However, the revenue and profit indicators of cotton spinning and cotton weaving industry above designated scale are significantly weaker than the national industrial enterprises above designated scale and the textile industry, and the loss is still at a high level.

As a whole

The international economic and trade environment is complex and severe, the global economy is unbalanced development, the competition and cooperation between countries are complex and intertwined, cotton textile enterprises actively innovate, and do their best to stabilize orders and expand the market, and the export decline continues to narrow. The effect of various domestic pro-enterprise policies continues to appear, the national residents' income has maintained a steady growth trend, the market vitality has been continuously enhanced, the revenue and profit of cotton textile enterprises have accelerated the recovery, and the efficiency level has continued to improve.

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