[What are the advantages of SORONA fabric?]
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SORONA fabric is not only suitable for human wear, but also particularly environmentally friendly, which is more environmentally friendly than other man-made fibers.

SORONA polymer is made from two main raw materials, 1, 3-propylene glycol and PTA(or DMT). PDO is the key raw material, accounting for 37% of the total raw material. PDO can be made through the petrochemical process, and DuPont has successfully used the corn sugar fermentation method to efficiently produce the PDO required for the production of Sorona, thus revolutionizing the field of chemical fiber injected a new concept of environmental protection.

Although SORONA fabric is a man-made chemical fiber, it feels similar to cotton fabric, absorbs water at a similar rate to cotton fabric, and absorbs water quickly and cleanly.SORONA fabric feels soft and smooth like silk, with good elasticity and strong elasticity. In short, it's perfect for people to use. Unlike ordinary man-made fibers, sorona fibers are colorful and not easy to pilling, which has won the praise of many buyers. Sorona fabrics are cheap and versatile. It is widely used in many knitting industries. It is believed that in the near future, this fabric could also be widely used in the homes of ordinary people.

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