[How about SORONA fabric?]
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SORONA is a polyamide-like clothing material. sorona is a fiber fabric developed by the DuPont Company. It is widely used in the production of textile clothing and other domestic and commercial carpets. sorona polymer fabrics have been around for more than 60 years. Thanks to the continuous innovation efforts of DuPont, sorona fabric has finally made a revolutionary breakthrough. Sorona fabric is not only suitable for human wear, but also particularly environmentally friendly, which is more environmentally friendly than other man-made fibers.

Although SORONA fabric is a man-made chemical fiber, it feels similar to cotton fabric, absorbs water at a similar rate to cotton fabric, and absorbs water quickly and cleanly. Sorona fabric feels soft and smooth like silk, with good elasticity and strong elasticity. In short, it's perfect for people to use. Unlike ordinary man-made fibers, sorona fibers are colorful and not easy to pilling, which has won the praise of many buyers.

SORONA fiber for clothing:

In 2011, Linda and DuPont jointly developed the environmentally friendly carpet yarn - DuPont Sorona(Solona), and became the exclusive producer of Sorona environmentally friendly carpet yarn in the country.

SORONA fiber for clothing is composed of 37% renewable plant fiber, which reduces our dependence on petroleum resources. Its unique zigzag spring molecular structure and crystalline form give Sorona fiber a unique combination of properties in anti-fouling, soft, anti-lodging and bright dyeing. Sorona is DuPont's revolutionary chemical fiber for the 21st century.

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